Introducing Spirit Works' Mini Longhouse!

March 30, 2016

We've completed two more of our mini longhouses. These have been very well received among our many customers. Need an out-building? Why not consider something cultural.

Key features of these multi-purpose longhouses include:

How will you use your longhouse?

Tourism - take advantage of the only economic sector in British Columbia that grew during the recession. Cultural tourism is booming in BC and our mini-Longhouse is versatile enough to be used for small interpretive centers, carving studios or even a gift shop.

Education - turn this structure into a mini-education facility. Traditionally much of our learning took place in our longhouses; our lessons were our stories/songs and our written language was our artwork. Make this structure a refuge where the young ones can learn their roots and recapture their culture in an appropriate setting.

Exercising Indigenous Rights - tire of being invisible people on your own lands? mark your territory! Having cultural structures on your lands not only allows for your own use and occupation, but also offers notice that yours are not vacant lands!

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