Kwantlen College Ceremonial Mace Case

March 28, 2016

Spirit Works takes great pride in our ability to work collaboratively with our customers to tailor a solution for any given problem.  In this instance Kwantlen College needed to display their ornamental and very expensive ceremonial Mace.  They were concerned about two things.  First the sun damage that could easily occur given the sunny location it was to sit. Secondly they were concerned about the damage that may occur as a result of having to maneuver the mace out of a small door opening in the glass.  This first problem was easily solved with the use of UV protective glass.  The second, although much more challenging, required some creative  engineering. For this we developed a complex gearing system so that as the back door in the wooden base of the cabinet was opened the pedestal supporting the Mace would drop down gently using counterweights.  The Mace could then be comfortably and safely pulled out of the wide opening in the back of the cabinet.

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